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Our directors and officers actively engage in fundraising activities and support our vision in any way necessary. IA's board of  directors work tirelessly to achieve the goals and vision of Intrepid without receiving any compensation from the corporation. Currently, after expenses are met, all monies raised go toward our athletes, community organizations, and/or a fund established for the building of an aquatic/community center in Rutland, Vermont.

Meet the Team

Natalie Boyle founded Intrepid Athletics in 2012 to provide an avenue to support local athletes with a vision to use their athletic talents and endeavors to positively impact their community. Inspired by Bethany Bosch's desire to make her athletic goals about something bigger than herself, Natalie and a dedicated team of directors and volunteers raised over $20,000 to support Bethany, the first Rutland area resident to successfully swim the English Channel. Since that time, Natalie's vision has grown, and her heart is to see quality, long-term, positive recreational and health initiatives continue to grow and develop in Rutland County.  Her ultimate vision is the construction of a local aquatic/community center. 

Natalie is an educator and consultant with a vast variety of professional experiences, and holds her Master's Degree in Education. She is very involved in Rutland area sports, has coached soccer, basketball and youth hockey, participates in local adult recreation programs and events, and competes in running events and triathlons. She is currently in her fifth year serving as the President of the Rutland High School Booster Club.

Natalie Boyle,

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Robert Maguire, owner of Rutland Appliances, a locally owned and operated small business, is dedicated to seeing growth and change in Rutland City. Having grown up in Rutland County, Robert's heart for this city to continue to develop as place for family and community connection is part of the reason he joined Intrepid Athletics. As Intrepid's Vice President, he works tirelessly organizing fundraisers and garnering local business support for community and recreational events.

Robert spear-headed the 2018 campaign to get Rutland's downtown voted as "America's Downtown" in the Independent We Stand national downtown contest. Robert vaulted Downtown Rutland into the top 10 of best downtowns nation-wide.

Robert Maguire,
Vice President

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Bethany (Bosch) Oprendek  was the first athlete ever supported by Intrepid Athletics.  Her successful amateur marathon swimming endeavors culminated in a successful English Channel Crossing in 2014.  Bethany returned home to Rutland, Vermont wanting to give back to her community.  Her vision to increase the opportunities for recreation in Rutland County as well as to support local athletes has found expression as a volunteer and board member with Intrepid Athletics.  She spearheads the coaching for the Adult Learn to Swim and helps with events and fundraisers.  Professionally, she works as a civil engineering technician and her hobbies include skiing, hiking, running, and, of course, swimming in the wild waters all over Vermont.

Bethany Bosch,

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